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What Experts are saying about JustAnswer  

"I have been answering questions on JA for almost 10 yrs. It has been a wonderful way to work my own schedule, supplement my own practice and help people who may not have regular or traditional access to a lawyer for advice."

Loren - Employment Law

"I honestly love the challenge of being able to take a customer from being upset or frustrated to the point of satisfaction and understanding. With the freedom of choosing my hours of business it makes it comfortable and easy for me to extend support!"

Samuel - Consumer Electronics

"Working through Just Answer has changed my life. I work my own hours - often more hours than I did when working in veterinary hospitals because I enjoy it so much - and have become financially independent with the help of being with JA for nine years. JA is a terrific resource for the experienced professional who is looking for another outlet for his talents."

Dr. Michael Salkin
Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to become an Expert?

The application process usually takes less than two weeks in the USA/Canada and less than three weeks elsewhere. This is partly due to professional verification handled by our third-party firm.

How will I know when I’m approved?

We’ll contact you by email if/when you are approved.

Will I have a scheduled shift?

There are no scheduled shifts. You can make your own hours and work only when you want.

How will I get paid?

JustAnswer pays Experts every month via Paypal. Learn more in the terms of service.

Do I choose my own customers and questions?

You always get to choose which questions you answer.

If you have any additional questions about becoming an Expert, please contact us.

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